Security Strobe
The IPL3000 has been specifically developed to be used in conjunction with Smokecloak Security Smoke Vapour generators, but can be used as a stand-alone security device.
The IPL3000 is an ideal compliment to Security Smoke in very large, unusually shaped or locations with spread out valuable/ high-risk areas.

Design & construction
The IPL 3000 is designed to provide Instant Protection combined with a reduced Smokecloak smoke density, to produce a blinding effect.

The IPL 3000 is a high quality, very high intensity, security strobe light.The system is compatible with all of the Smokecloak products, and is configured so that the operation of the IPL 3000 is controlled by the Smokecloak.

The IPL 3000 is designed for easy installation.The outer casing is made of metal, and has sabotage protection so it can be located in public areas or concealed in roof spaces if preferred.

The IPL 3000 can be easily connected to other IPL 3000 units in order to protect larger areas and used in combination with Smokecloak vapour, the IPL 3000 gives very effective Instant Protection at a lower smoke density.

The customised mounting assembly makes it possible to mount the unit on walls, in corners, on ceilings or around the edges of buildings etc.

The special interface PCB makes the IPL 3000 quick and easy to install.

Quality assurance
The IPL 3000 is designed, manufactured and sold in accordance with Martin Security Smoke’s rigorous quality system.

Warning signs
Warning signs are provided which show that a strobe light is in use for Instant Protection

Product specifications:

  • 3000 W Lamp
  • Long life xenon lamp
  • High intensity Strobe action
  • Alarm interface
  • Sabotage resistant casing
  • Easy mount bracket
  • Fully flexible mounting position
  • Can be integrated with other Smokecloak Products
  • Easy link system for multiple units